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You think it's like this, but it's really like this

Welcome to the desert of the real

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"And if you want me to,
I'll help.
It's all the same to me.
Just tell me if you want me to."

~Of Montreal, "Erroneous Escape into Erick Eckles"

Xena: Warrior Princess mood theme made by jacklemmon.
a state of trance, a summer wasted, abortions, ani difranco, being a hippy, being an insufferable know-it-all, belle & sebastian, ben folds five, bjork, cartoons, cat power, circulatory system, comedy as a career, cowon s9, el-ahrairah, elliott smith, experiencing my second puberty, fanfiction, feeling groovy, feminism, feminist boys, ftm, funny stuff, futurama, genderqueer, girls who rock out, heatmiser, hermione granger, i have many skills, iditarod, j.k. rowling, joanna newsom, kill rock stars, killer synthesizer solos, kim possible, lesbians, likingtrendystufflongafteritistrendy, live elliott live, liz phair, loving j.k. rowling, lucy lawless, magical girls, making people laugh, marxism, modest mouse, neutral milk hotel, no. 2, not having a baby, not thinking of england, of montreal, origami, past civilization's future predictions, pee-wee herman, pro-choice, queer theory, radiohead, raising one eyebrow, reproductive rights, romance, shannon wright, shpongle, simon posford, sketch comedy, sleater-kinney, sled dog racing, songs: ohia, spice girls, stand-up comedy, stuff that is funny, sufjan stevens, tears for fears, techno, technology, testosterone, the '80s, the civil rights movement, the dismemberment plan, the eugenics movement, the knife, the magic bullet theory, the shins, the smiths, things that are old, tim wise, today's secret word is..., transgender, uberxena, various final fantasies, watership down, week-long races, white anti-racist activism, william shatner, women's studies, xena/gabrielle, xena: warrior princess, yukon quest

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