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Ignore this post unless you're interested in buying sailor moon stuff from me

Hey folks. I'm back again selling stuff because some of my stuff didn't sell and some of the people who expressed interest in buying stuff just never replied to me so their loss.

This time around I'm placing a flat shipping rate of $5 on everything (unless otherwise noted) because it's just too annoying to wait for info to compute that every time.

I'm trying to sell this stuff ASAP so speed is key here!!

This bag is ridiculous. It's round and pink and fuzzy. The straps are really tiny although theoretically you could enlarge them by putting new straps on them. This might make a good gift for a young niece or cousin.
Priced at: $5 + $5 S&H = $10 total

Playing Cards
Deck #1

This is just a deck of playing cards with a Sailor Moon theme. Each card has a different picture on them, although they seem to be from the season 1 & 2 era. They're in good condition, I rarely used them if ever. They come in a hard plastic case that would prevent damage to them.
Priced at: $3 + $5 S&H = $8 total

Deck #2

This is another deck of cards in a hard plastic case. This deck is a bit more well-worn than the last one although still in great condition. These cards are from the Sailor Moon R era because they have Chibi-Usa on some of them.
Priced at: $3 + $5 S&H = $8 total

These are some pencils I bought at Otakon a while back. The pencils do not have erasers. Both packs are the same except one is red and one is orange. If you're interested I can take a pic of what the pencils look like.
Priced at: $3 a box + $5 S&H (I won't charge extra S&H if you buy both)

This is a little planner that I got a while back. The dates in the front are for 1999 I think but the pages after that don't specify so you could use it for your own devices. It also comes with a page of stickers (I think two of the stickers have been used, but they are so tiny and there are so many it's hard to tell). The last pic there shows you its size in comparison to a regular sized CD case. It's pretty small, and the cover is a squeaky kind of plastic with a snap button that so far seems to be functioning well. I may or may not have some extra pages for this, also, so if someone wants to buy this I'll look around and throw those in as well for free. If you have any questions about it just ask me.
Priced at: $5

Thanks for looking, please buy.
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